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Achieve a restored smile quickly with same-day dental crowns

Enhancing the smile and restoring teeth can be achieved with the help of a dedicated dental professional such as Dr. Trish Barsanti of Barsanti Dental Group in Arcata, California. Dental crowns are a great way to fix damaged teeth quickly and effectively. Our team can produce a porcelain dental cap designed to restore the natural tooth structure and give it an extra layer of protection against unwanted damage or unexpected trauma. 

What are dental crowns? 

Dr. Trish Barsanti describes the dental crown as a ceramic tooth cap made in one visit. Crowns are commonly used when teeth are damaged or substantially affected by trauma or decay. Placing these restorations will restore both function and beauty to the tooth while also saving the tooth from possible permanent extraction. Crowns are made of ceramic to ensure they are gentle to the adjacent tissue and look as natural as possible in the smile. 

Why should I choose Barsanti Dental Group for my dental restorations? 

Dr. Barsanti is excited to use today’s dental technology to help patients restore their smiles. By investing in the CEREC system, she can provide her patients with same-day restorations. These restorations are custom-made while patients wait using 3D imaging software and a unique milling device that creates the final restoration from a block of porcelain. In doing so, dental crowns are made in a single visit, eliminating the need to place a temporary crown and have a patient return to the practice for a second appointment. 

What are the advantages of same-day dental crowns with Dr. Trish Barsanti? 

Same-day dental crowns offer many benefits:

  • They can be placed in one visit
  • The results look natural and last for years
  • There is very little tooth preparation needed
  • The porcelain used is gentle to the adjacent tissue and teeth
  • You can eat and drink normally right after treatment
  • It eliminates the need for a second appointment
  • It saves time and money in placing and removing a temporary restoration 

Find out if same-day dental crowns using CEREC technology are suitable for you! Same-day dental crowns are a quick, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing solution for restoring teeth. Contact Dr. Trish Barsanti today to schedule your consultation to learn more about this and other dental restorations available at her facility, conveniently located in Arcata, CA, at 1180 8th Street.