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Enjoy comfortable dental treatments with Laser Dentistry Services

Barsanti Dental Group of Arcata, California, has exciting news! We are now adding laser therapy to our list of state-of-the-art procedures! This valuable tool can help us achieve your health goals while ensuring comfortable dental treatments. This laser technology provides quality, gentle care while adding benefits such as faster healing times, less bleeding, and less anxiety for patients regarding their upcoming treatments. If you live in the area of Arcata, California, and want to speak to our team about laser dentistry, now is a good time to connect with Dr. Trish Barsanti and her team.

List of laser dentistry procedures available at Barsanti Dental Group:

  • When used during a hygiene visit, the laser seeks out bacteria beneath the gumline and kills them specifically. At the same time, it stimulates the healing of your gum tissue, increasing attachment to the roots. This is a wonderful new weapon against gum disease!
  • If you suffer from cold sores, the laser can be used to drastically shorten the length of time you suffer. If treated with the laser as the sores begin, they will disappear in a couple of days and never return to the same location!
  • Cankers sores, denture sores, and any burns or bites that normally take weeks to resolve can be treated with the laser. The laser biostimulates your healing process, speeding up recovery and getting you back to the foods you love!
  • If you suffer from TMJ, the laser can be used over a series of appointments to lessen the pain and discomfort you experience on a daily basis.
  • Sensitive roots can painlessly be desensitized, making eating cold foods pleasurable again!
  • If your gums have overgrown and are making it difficult to clean your teeth or are diminishing your smile, the laser can assist us in gently recontouring the areas to achieve your health and esthetic goals.

Make sure to ask us about laser therapy at your next visit and how it can be used to enhance your health! Please call us at (707) 388-3880 with any questions—we are here to serve you! We are located at 1180 8th Street in Arcata, CA, and are open to new patients and families.