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Absolutely! As a new patient, your first appointment will include a comprehensive exam, x-rays and a consultation with our treatment coordinator. We will answer all your questions, as well as go over your suggested treatment plan, pricing options and will help you schedule any future appointments. There are actually several levels of cleaning available depending on your oral health status. To determine the best cleaning for you, and to schedule adequate time with our hygienist, we will need to see you first for a comprehensive exam. Your actual treatment usually begins with a follow-up visit, sometimes scheduled as soon as the next day.


An exam to determine your oral health is an essential first step. The hygienist will perform cleanings based on your oral health. They will quickly schedule your cleaning, allowing proper time for them to give you the attention you deserve.


Of course! It is impossible to see directly between the teeth or under the gums or bone without the use of a dental radiograph. Many diseases and conditions can only be detected with the use of dental radiographs. Radiographs allow dentists to detect disease and other conditions much sooner than the clinical examination alone. When problems are identified early, it’s easier to resolve them and avoid more invasive treatments.


Yes we do. We have a frangrance-free policy. Some of our patients and employees have multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). As a healthcare facility, we ask that all individuals coming to our office refrain from wearing scented products such as perfumes, colognes and strong scented lotions. Thank you for your cooperation.


Millions of people struggle with halitosis, or bad breath, despite daily teeth brushing. Here is a checklist of procedures that can eliminate the problem: twice daily brushing, daily flossing and tongue cleaning; regular professional cleanings and careful cleaning of any dentures or removable dental appliances. However, if your hygiene is meticulous and the problem persists, we can offer several solutions.

First, we can provide a plastic tool called a tongue scraper that cleans away bacterial build-up on your tongue and significantly alleviates odor. Or we can recommend a specially prepared rinse or toothpaste designed to actually break the odor-causing sulfur bonds that cause bad breath. Finally, we may also suspect a systemic or internal problem such as an infection or underlying condition, in which case we may recommend a visit with your family physician or specialist to identify the cause.


Teeth have five surfaces and brushing alone reaches only three surfaces! Bacteria are very small and do not require much space to survive. Decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria. Flossing is an attempt to clean surfaces of your teeth that you cannot reach with a toothbrush. Without flossing it is virtually impossible to control gum disease and decay.


If your overall dental health is good, an evaluation and continuous care cleaning every six months should be adequate to keep your teeth, gums and other supportive structures healthy and looking great. However, we may recommend that you visit us more often if your dental care requires more frequent treatment. You may need more attention to keep your periodontal (gum) tissue in good health, or your restorative treatment plan may call for more frequent professional attention. You may even have a natural or genetic condition that requires us to monitor your dental health a bit more often than the standard bi-yearly evaluation. The bottom line is, you are a unique individual with unique dental care needs. We will recommend the treatment plan necessary to keep you in optimal health, and we will keep you informed every step of the way!


People with healthy teeth and gums need to visit the dentist every six months for a evaluation and continuous care cleaning. If gum disease is not present, a healthy mouth cleaning is done. During this procedure, our hygienist removes plaque, tartar, and decaying food particles from teeth. She also polishes the teeth, so they feel smooth and clean. At your healthy mouth cleaning, feel free to ask questions about oral healthcare and homecare tips. Brushing and flossing should be a simple and normal part of your daily life.

Periodontal therapy is intended to treat diseased gums. Early signs of gum disease include bleeding, sensitive, red, or swollen gums. Sometimes patients feel no pain with early-stage gum disease, or gingivitis. The condition can rapidly escalate as bacteria multiply in the warm, wet climate of the mouth. The bacteria create pockets between teeth and gums, breaking down the bond that provides support for your teeth and causing bad breath. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for American adults, and up to 80 percent of the population has some level of the disease. If you are advised to have periodontal therapy, don’t delay. Let our hygiene team help you eradicate the bacteria and reverse the damage gum disease has caused in your mouth.


We will be happy to explain your benefits, submit necessary radiographs and file your insurance claim in order to help you to receive the maximum benefit allowed by your insurance carrier. If we are not in network with your insurance company, we will still make every effort to help you get what you deserve from your plan. In addition, if you need care beyond what your insurance allows we will be happy to go over some very accommodating payment options with you to make your dental care affordable.


We gladly see patients that do not have dental insurance. We would be happy to discuss our payment options with you.


The longevity of your restorations will depend on your commitment to dental hygiene. Doing your part through brushing, flossing, semi-annual cleanings, and good diet will help ensure that your crowns and/or fillings last for many years.


Many people who notice chipped or cracked teeth, but don’t remember when the injury occurred, damaged their teeth while they were sleeping. Grinding or clenching your teeth during the night will cause your teeth to chip, crack and even break. To keep you from seriously damaging your teeth, we recommend a dental appliance called a night guard. A custom fitted night guard protects your teeth from grinding & clenching in your sleep. Dr. Barsanti takes great care in making sure you have a proper fit to prevent pain in your jaw joint. Do you suffer from headaches? You may find that a side benefit of your night-guard is headache prevention. Many headaches start during the night, caused by the extreme pressure generated as you grind and clench your teeth. Ask us about having a night guard custom created for you.


You’ll need to first schedule a consultation with Dr. Barsanti. She can assess your oral health and discuss options for replacement teeth. In general, you can choose from crown and bridgework, partial or full dentures, or dental implants. As the most natural prosthetic to natural tooth structure, a dental implant offers a comfortable, natural-looking, easy-to-care-for choice.


We can customize a home teeth whitening program for you that is simple to use and very effective. We take impressions of your teeth, and then fabricate a custom tray to deliver the whitening gel to your teeth. The tray is very thin and comfortable and can be worn whenever it is convenient. Many of our patients report seeing a difference in the first week of use.