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Oct 14

Your mouth is a fascinating place. It sounds odd, but it’s right. Scientists refer to your mouth as a human oral microbiome, meaning millions of bacteria live there. No one knows how many species are there, but the estimate is about 500-600. Most of these bacteria live on the teeth and tongue, and some in […]

Apr 10

Barsanti Dental Group in Arcata, California, believes dentistry can be beautiful, even for common dental restorations. If you have cavities or minor tooth decay, we offer composite (white) fillings to restore your smile without altering its beauty.  Composite filling treatment: What to expect Dr. Trish Barsanti only needs one appointment to treat your cavities with […]

Dec 19

Accidents are a significant cause of tooth damage. A sports collision, slip and fall at work, or tumble off a skateboard can result in a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth. Fortunately, your Arcata, California dentist can repair most instances of broken teeth with CEREC crown treatment. CEREC one-visit porcelain crowns from Barsanti Dental Group simplify […]